SME-server 7.2

Welcome to, the home for the SME Server Linux Server Distribution!

SME Server is a leading distribution for small and medium enterprises. It stands apart from the competition by shipping with most common functionality preconfigured and features a number of popular additional enhancements in the form of downloadable ‘contributions’. It is published under the GPL license and while freely available, a small donation is requested.

This site is the voice of SME Server Inc., a non-profit corporation that exists to provide marketing and legal support for SME Server. A large community supports SME Server and can be found at our sister site,

dapat info tentang SME-server 7.2 sewaktu membaca Linux Server yg Simple dan Komplit serta PowerFull 😀 heheheh… jadi pengen nyoba nehh

This release, 7.2 is based on CentOS 4.5 Our last stable release was SME Server Release 7.1, see the Main Page for details of incremental updates available with yum.

trus pas buka di SME Server:Download dapat tulisan di atas yang bikin wahh…. gak jauh nehh rupanya dari varian redhat ma fedora jadi “learning”-nya gak bakalan repot “Insya Allah”soalnya spesifikasinya untuk kantoran doank skala kecil jadi benar-benar spesifik neh

nah klo mau download masuk saja ke dan mau baca doc-nya ke

referensi and thanks to


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